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Vessel Tracking

SeaPlanner’s Operations Manager module is a web based site management tool with a real-time interactive map application. The module includes real-time vessel tracking (AIS) with the addition of processed radar tracks through a radar (ARPA feed), GPS tracking of assets, site infrastructure and assets (GIS), and project specific survey data overlaid on top of a nautical chart.

When combined with the Personnel Manager module or Asset Manager module, the real-time positions of personnel or assets onshore/offshore will also be visible on the web map.

The system also provides the ability to create alarmed guard zones for precautionary action to protect project assets and maintain operational efficiency.

Vessel movement data is stored within SeaPlanner throughout the lifetime of the project and able to be played back at any time.

To support our vessel tracking system, SeaPlanner is also able to provide appropriate communications systems (TETRA, VHF marine, VHF airband and UHF) needed to safely operate one or more sites from a central location. This enables the effective monitoring of all site activity, ensuring the highest level of safety and optimal project efficiency at all times.

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