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Personnel Transfer Planning

Proactive Personnel Transfers 

SeaPlanner allows for the proactive planning of crew transfers offshore, including the ability to integrate with on-board crew transfer terminals for secure and efficient access control, and recording of successful and unsuccessful transfers.

Personnel included within a personnel transfer plan/manifest are able to automatically be notified via email or SMS of their vessel allocation, departure time and location.

Personnel Transfer Plan

Pulling data from SeaPlanner’s Personnel Manager, the transfer plan contains the most up-to-date personnel records, verifies against certification and can then be integrated with crew transfer terminals, providing an on-vessel interface for displaying the expected personnel for that vessel and planned embarkation and disembarkation locations.

Core Functionality

  • Team and crew management
  • Transfer validation and compliance check
  • Alerts for deviations from manifested transfers
  • Create “Routes” around assets for embarking and disembarking
  • Create and edit transfer plans for any day
  • Within a transfer plan, create one or more manifests and assign them to vessels or helicopters
  • Printing and exporting of manifests or complete transfer plan
  • Allow contractors to create manifests

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