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A Fully Integrated Permit to Work Solution

SeaPlanner offers a fully integrated online Permit to Work system that gives your project management team complete control over contractors working on your site.

SeaPlanner Permit to Work provides a robust online process for the raising, approving and issuing of work authorisation documents, with full Risk Assessment/Method Statement (RAMS) integration for a complete system for all site permits that can be fully audited to evidence best practice.


A fast and efficient user driven process for the submission, review, approval and issue of all permits

Key Benefits of A Fully Integrated Permit to Work Solution

Standardised processes and compliance

Achieve greater consistency and efficiency with each part of the system for managing your work permits in accordance with necessary legislation and regulations

Minimise critical errors and reduce operational disruption

The risk of human error that can occur with unwieldy paper-based systems is substantially reduced, providing you with a secure and controlled system that minimises delays to work by issuing permits on the same day as you need the work to be done

Reduce administration

Substantially cut down on paperwork and save time with the ability to quickly raise a permit and identify where it is within the approval process

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