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Operations Manager

Real-time personnel, asset and vessel tracking 

A core module for effective marine coordination and vessel traffic management (VTMS), Operations Manager incorporates your site infrastructure overlays, with the interactive map allowing for real-time project tracking. Operations Manager seamlessly integrates with Personnel Manager to display the location of personnel, vessels and assets.

Using live position and location inputs from a wide variety of accurate location based technology, you can integrate feeds to track all project personnel and assets for effective management and health and safety control.

Multiple projects can be managed from this single module – providing either a cluster or portfolio project management system.

Operations Manager automatically records all movements utilising tracking capabilities such as AIS, GPS, ADS-B, radar, RFID and CCTV - which can be played back at any time.

Core Functionality

Interactive Data Layers

  • Update asset statuses live on the map/chart
  • Add your own site infrastructure data layers (CAD/GIS)
  • Support for client supplied Web Mapping Service (WMS) feeds
  • Multiple map and chart options:
    • Marine Themes
    • Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC)
    • Satellite Imagery
    • Open Street Map
  • Project asset database

Live Locations Feeds

  • Personnel locations (RFID swipe card or GPS)
  • Vessel (AIS) and air traffic (ADS-B) tracking
  • Equipment asset tracking (GPS)
  • Full historical playback and audit with output and reporting functionality


  • Guard zones/Geofences
  • Anchor watch
  • Closest Point of Approach and Time to Closest Point of Approach (CPA/TCPA)
  • Can utilise WMS and WFS (OCG Standards)

Key Benefits of Operations Manager

Complete project visibility

Manage and review all core project data including vessel, helicopter and personnel movements and all other project assets

Reduce risk

Control and set guard zones to operate a safe project environment

Simple interface

Know the current location of all your personnel and assets from a single chart display

Save time

Centralised management of all your projects, either a cluster or portfolio, saving a considerable amount go planning and admin time

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