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Induction Manager

Online induction training for your personnel 

Induction Manager is our online tool for delivering and managing site inductions for personnel and contractors. With the use of Induction Manager, you will significantly reduce the time needed onsite for induction training therefore reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Your personnel can login and submit all the required information to complete their induction training remotely prior to arriving at site.

Functionality allows Personnel to:

  • Enter personal details and emergency contact information
  • Upload their certificates
  • Watch induction video/presentations
  • Answer a set of questions specific to this material to prove understanding

Key Benefits of Induction Manager

Save time and money

All inductions are completed online, saving admin time and money that is involved with conducting the induction yourself

Effectively manage risk

All personnel and contractors are fully inducted and suitably certified before they arrive on site

Improve productivity

Reduce delays to work by ensuring inductions are completed and certification is obtained prior to entering site

Reduce admin

All personnel data is stored in a single, secure location, making it quick and simple to manage records

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