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Asset Manager

Record and manage critical information relating to your project assets with integrated data that can be displayed directly on the interactive site map.

The Asset Manager module provides the ability to access a variety of information for an asset that can be integrated with the interactive project site map, helping you to ensure the safe and efficient running of your project at all times.


Register all assets and equipment with their certification including expiry dates of equipment, enabling an additional level of control for the safe management of the site. The module also provides warnings to the project management team when safety equipment certification is due to expire.  


This module provides the ability to record any observations, defects or snagging that could affect the safety of personnel. This information is time and date stamped and can be viewed directly on the map by clicking on that particular asset.


Asset Manager also features a scheduling function enabling the user to allocate dates of unavailability - this will ensure that a transfer plan cannot be scheduled when the vessel is recorded as unavailable.

Survey Information

Utilising our Asset Management services, you also have the ability to upload and analyse your asset survey information.

  • Cable risk management

  • Site selection and constraint analysis

  • Weather window and downtime analysis

  • Data gap analysis

More details on this can be found on our Asset Management page.

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