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Communications Systems

SeaRoc Group has considerable experience of providing feature rich and well-supported communications systems which are suitable for safety critical operations in the offshore environment. We provide communication systems that seamlessly integrate voice and data, offering advanced features that are easy to use and ensure complete coverage achieved at all times.

Our communications systems include, remote radio control (dispatcher) software and hardware which is capable of supporting multiple site , wide area, communication technologies (including TETRA, VHF marine, VHF airband and UHF Air asset tracking solutions.)

These systems can be configured to safely operate one or more offshore construction sites from any location via the Internet (IP). This enables the user to closely monitor their site(s) from a central location, ensuring safety, whilst continuously optimising project efficiencies.

Our marine management software, Seaplanner, advocates the use of containerised communications systems, because of the economies of reusability. After deployment in the construction phase the SeaHub container systems can then be lifted onto an offshore platform in a wind farm to continue to supply vital safety communications services and backhaul collected asset tracking and metocean data to land based control centres.

SeaHub Offshore Communications System

The SeaHub solutions, whilst designed to compliment the SeaPlanner asset tracking and GIS information systems tool, can be utilised by any offshore energy developer to support whatever system they employ and can be customised in size and to what level of information support the end user requires.

SeaHub™ - complete containerised communication hubs that can house the following (but not limited to)

  • Safety communications platform, such as TETRA or DMR
  • AIS vessel tracking receiver
  • ADS-B aircraft tracking receiver
  • Metocean feeds from deployed sensors (wave height, wind, sea temperature etc)
  • VHF Maritime communications
  • VHF Airband communications
  • Backhaul communications
    • Satcom
    • Digital Microwave radio
    • Fibre based communications
  • Remote telemetry
    • Fire suppression
    • Temperature sensors
    • Humidity detection
    • Vibration sensors
    • “Cold starting” of communications equipment
  • Man overboard systems
  • Helipad landing light controls
  • Weather information beacons for aircraft

We have the in-house expertise to tailor a solution that fits the needs of each individual project, you tell us what your concept is and we will design it, build it, test it and prove it – before delivering it, installing it, commissioning it and integrating it into your operations and control network.

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