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SeaRoc Group has extensive asset risk management experience and specialism within Geomatics Engineering from data management and engineering drawings through to online mapping solutions.

Asset management requires data to be managed, updated and displayed as efficiently as possible while showing all the locational factors and pertinent information of the assets. Spatial asset management allows the asset to be viewed with all the surrounding information and enables the assets data to be displayed as usable information in a quick, effective manner. Viewing the asset in its surrounding allows the manager more aware of any potential issues or recurrent issues in a specific area which enable proper planning, maintenance and observation of all assets.

Spatial asset management incorporates all the disparate data sources into one centralised view with all the required information, statistics, asset history, and documents that an asset manager requires. The better the data is managed and analysed, the more efficient the asset management process is, resulting in lower costs associated with the asset management and enable well-informed decision making throughout the project lifecycle.

Data Management

  • Geodesign
  • Data management strategies
  • Database setup, population and maintenance
  • Enterprise database management
  • Metadata creation and maintenance
  • Management of Server architecture and security
  • Static Mapping
  • Online Mapping Solutions including SeaPlanner Spatial Asset Manager
  • Integration with SeaPlanner Marine Management Software

Example Analysis Services

  • Cable risk management
  • Site selection and constraint analysis
  • Weather window and downtime analysis
  • Data gap analysis
  • 3D geophysical survey analysis
  • Pre- and post-installation seabed monitoring
  • Asset siting and vessel positioning based on factors such as UXOs and exclusion zones

CAD Services

  • Creation and Update of Technical Drawings
  • 3D Design and Visualisation
  • Concept Storyboards and Videos

Software and Services

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