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As the industry evolves and offshore wind farms move further from land, risks increase and the challenges for maintaining effective communication and managing health and safety become heightened. SeaRoc Group has launched SeaHub - a unique communications and logistic data solution and an industry-first for the offshore renewables sector.

The benefits of developing wind farm projects far offshore are clear, but doing so emphasizes the importance for having the most robust and reliable communication systems. To maintain the highest levels of safety and efficiency you need dependable voice and data communications that reach every corner of offshore operations.

The challenge

Remote, far shore locations pose bigger risks and challenge the strength of communication links. Not only this, but new offshore wind developments further from shore are also unlikely to have access to existing structures on which to base a communications platform or have the infrastructure to link to shore.

Typically a radio based communications system will cover a radius of 20 miles from its transmitter/receiver. If this is located onshore, it drastically limits effective communication capabilities, essential for project efficiency and personnel safety.

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