Weather Forecasting and Monitoring for Safe and Efficient Offshore Operation

The ability to effectively predict and observe weather conditions allows developers and operators to ensure that complex tasks during construction and maintenance of offshore farms are completed on time and without incident.

Waiting for suitable weather conditions can prove costly to a project and, with heightened risks from more wind farms being constructed further from shore which pose worsened weather conditions, there is an increasing demand for the best possible weather forecasting solutions.

As part of the SeaPlanner marine management system, a range of weather data feeds can be integrated for a complete and centralised method for managing offshore operational wind farm activity.

The SeaPlanner Met Manager module provides a solution for users to visualise both forecast and live weather data feeds for any location. The module will collate, display and historically log any live metocean buoy, meteorological masts or weather data platform feeds and supports a wide range of weather forecasts.

SeaPlanner’s Met Manager solution is capable of receiving metocean / weather sensor data attributes from multiple sensors and multiple locations located around the offshore project. The module displays feeds from devices such as wave buoys, current monitoring, met masts, and forecast providers. The module can also offer a planning tool for timing of operations to manage weather risks.

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