Protecting Your Offshore Wind Assets

If you are the operator of an offshore wind project you’ll be well aware of the operational challenges presented by numerous factors around your location. Having the ability to quickly and accurately view and analyse data is crucial to your understanding of the environment and being able to make the right decisions to protect your assets.

Offshore assets are susceptible to damage if there isn’t careful management of not only the assets themselves, but also the vessels and the channels that carry those vessels. A collision can cause great damage, costing time and money to projects that can be harmful to their long-term sustainability. Marine management systems allow for those in charge to identify risks associated with nearby vessels. It is often the vessel itself not having sufficient situational awareness, having an inadequate on-board system or due to a fault with the steering or propulsion system that leads to it heading towards an offshore asset for collision. Utilising data and high standards of analysis allows for early detection of such problems, alerting both those present on the offshore asset, as well as those on board the vessel in question.

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