Marine Management Systems for Offshore Wind Farm Construction

Managing the construction of an offshore wind farm relies on efficiency, accuracy of the data at your disposal and a high standard of time management. Those in management positions on an offshore wind farm construction project understand how vital it is to control not only the smooth running of the task in terms of timescales and budgets, but also to have in place a comprehensive health and safety plan.

Importance of Health and Safety Regulations

Legally any owner of a wind farm, or someone operating a wind farm on behalf of the owner, has to provide adequate safety provisions for any individuals working on the project, as well as those potentially affected by the activities of the wind farm. The project management team on a wind farm has to utilise a suitable system that manages all personnel and vessels, monitors all activity around the clock and provides logistical planning. Real-time data and analysis is the only way to provide an effective wind farm construction project.

Looking After the Travel of Personnel

One of the biggest risks associated with an offshore wind farm project is the daily transfer of personnel from workboats to the fixed turbine structures that they will be working on. This is where a solid marine management system, such as SeaPlannerâ„¢, comes into play. There is a need to sensitively and safely manage the number of vessel travelling through the route each day. On top of that there has to be a robust system in place to deal with the transfer of personnel from the vessels to structures, as well as an emergency system to respond to any incidents that might take place. A rapid response is critical in these emergency situations in particular and a strong marine management system, such as SeaPlanner provides a key central control point over the monitoring of all personnel, whether during an emergency or just a routine day of travel and transfer of personnel.

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