How to Manage Risk and Reduce Cost on Offshore Wind Projects

In a time when energy companies are coming under increimproving efficiency and optimising ROI has never been more important.arine management software, SeaPlanner integrates live data feeds from a wide variety of sources for complete real-time overview of site operations throughout the lifetime of a project. Developed in-house by SeaRoc Group’s team of developers, SeaPlanner is provided as a modular system, giving it the flexibility to be customised to suit the needs of any project scale or phase.

SeaPlanner’s core modules include Operations Manager for live tracking of personnel, vessels, air traffic and project assets; Personnel Manager for, transfer planning, manifest, secure RFID access control and certification management; Induction Manager that allows personnel and contractors to be fully inducted before they arrive on site; and Metocean Manager for monitoring site conditions with wind and wave data feeds. SeaPlanner’s capabilities allow for the right information to be distributed to the right people at the right time.

There are a number of factors that can influence potential project cost savings and profitability, including factors that can impact future funding and investment. SeaPlanner supports such cost reduction strategies and is focused on delivering solutions that contribute to the cost per MWh reduction of offshore wind electricity production.


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