Health and Safety Challenges on Multi-Contractor Projects

Exploring the challenges introduced by multiple contractor layers and the proposed solutions.

SeaRoc is experienced in working on multi-contractor projects, in support or advisory roles ranging from Client Representative, Marine or Management Advisors, Contractors, Independent Vessel Auditors and Advisors to the client. Within construction activities, we have fulfilled the role of Designer, Principal Contractor and Contractor. This article gives our perspective on the H&S challenges.


Offshore wind projects continue to involve a large number of stakeholders and contractors, particularly during the construction phase.

Not only does this phase involve a high number of personnel, vessel movements and equipment with high health and safety risk activities, the multi-contractor model additionally introduces challenges relating to contractor interface and culture.

Coupled with the fact that wind turbines are increasing in numbers, size and distance offshore, if not carefully managed, these factors can result in incidents causing injury to personnel, damage to equipment, environmental damage and project delay.

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