A Day In The Life Of A Marine Coordinator Of An Offshore Wind Farm

The marine coordinator of an offshore wind farm, and his or her team, face many different challenges on a daily basis. Those new to the industry and the role will soon come to grips with the reality that the working day in front of them is never the same as the one before, there will always be something different to contend with. Whether it’s problems or maintenance with the operations of the wind turbines themselves, problems relating to the wind levels, on-going variations in waves and weather, and the tracking of vessels carrying equipment and personnel, a marine coordinator is at the mercy of so many external factors.

Marine Management System

One way in which they can guarantee some control over the situation is by working with an accurate and flexible marine management system, such as SeaPlanner. The job role requires a focused mind that can analyse many types of data and perform in an accurate way to enable the safety and effectiveness of the operation of an offshore wind farm.


Reduce Downtime

Offshore wind farms are, of course, running as often as possible in order to continuously supply homes with renewable energy. For the companies operating the wind farms, it is important that every effort is made to ensure minimum downtime and a marine coordinator’s role is to ensure that there is a plan in place to cope with any unforeseen eventuality and to track vessels and cargo destined for the turbines and the shore.

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