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Westermost Rough

United Kingdom

Date Awarded
March 2013

Date Delivered
December 2015

Project Details

The Westermost Rough project utilised a number of SeaPlanner modules throughout construction. The Marine Operations module provided a map interface of real-time data regarding project progress and vessel / personnel location, while Personnel Manager enhanced project safety by ensuring all transfers were logged and access granted based on the certifications held by each individual.

Induction Manager provided a tool for contractors to submit information & certificates online before arrival on site, while role-based competency assessments can be completed and marked by the system automatically, reducing the workload of project staff.

All comms utilize a TETRA system, installed by SeaRoc Group, providing a more robust service with a longer range than traditional systems.

SeaPlanner provided hardware installation at Westermost Rough, consisting of multi-screen display set up and PCs with failover redundancy.

Services Provided

  • Personnel tracking
  • Vessel trackingĀ 
  • Induction management
  • Certification managementĀ 
  • Marine coordination set up and installationĀ 

Seaplanner Modules

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