Thornton Bank Offshore Wind Farm


Date Awarded
January 2012

Date Delivered
January 2014

Project Details

Belgian dredging and environmental group DEME, the partner responsible for the construction management of the project, commissioned the use of SeaPlanner at Thornton Bank to assist in safe and efficient operation.

The C-Power consortium, set up to finance and construct the Thornton Bank site, includes RWE Innogy, EDF Energy and DEME. The first phase of the project, which went online in 2009, put six REpower 5MW turbines in to service with a combined capacity of 30MW. The second and third phase will see an eventual rise to 300MW capacity.

Thornton Bank utilised SeaPlanner’s Automated Personnel Transfer system to track personnel movements across the site; using the RFID swipe card system that logs each person’s movements from the site office, to the project vessels, and onto each turbine. Personnel and vessel movements are dynamically logged for real-time display and can be tracked visually on the chart displays, or through the systems personnel database. This system ensures that any incident occurring onsite can be dealt with instantly and efficiently, ensuring all personnel are accounted for at all times, as well as allowing a detailed audit of historical movements.

SeaPlanner also provided the construction team with custom reports on the site status on a daily basis, one example of this is the report to check for unauthorized access to the wind farm site.


Services Provided

  • Personnel tracking
  • Vessel tracking
  • Reporting 
  • RFID access control 
  • Certification management 

Seaplanner Modules

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