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Thanet Offshore Wind Farm

United Kingdom

Date Awarded
January 2011

Date Delivered

Project Details

Vattenfall acquired the wind farm in November 2008 and construction was completed in September 2010. It is currently the largest operational wind farm in the world, consisting of 100 Vestas V90 3MW turbines. 

SeaPlanner’s Personnel Manager module was used to track required certification, highlighting insufficient or expired certification and providing advance notice of upcoming certificate expiry. This has subsequently been extended to tracking assignment of project equipment to personnel.

When construction of the wind farm was complete, SeaPlanner has continued to be used by its O&M centre at Ramsgate – which also manages the Kentish Flats Wind Farm. SeaPlanner provides real-time displays of vessels and personnel in the busy waters off the Kent coast which can be “played back” to provide a visual audit at the touch of a button.


Services Provided

  • Personnel tracking
  • Certification management 
  • Vessel tracking 
  • CDM coordinator for remediation works
  • HSEQ works including method statements and risk assessments 
  • Vessel audit and report
  • Asset risk management 

Seaplanner Modules

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