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Robin Rigg Offshore Wind Farm

United Kingdom

Date Awarded
March 2012

Date Delivered

Project Details

Located in the Solway Firth, midway between the Galloway and Cumbrian coasts. The Wind Farm consists of 58 x 3MW Vestas turbines and 2 offshore substations.

SeaRoc Group has been providing a WebGIS and Data Catalogue solution to Robin Rigg Offshore Wind Farm since 2012. The WebGIS enables users to view the available data through a secure, web-based portal enabling Robin Rigg project personnel to visualise the site data in one central depository.
The setup of the database required the Geomatics Engineering team to re-engineer the available data into a unified database for display in the WebGIS. The WebGIS shows the current site layout as well as provides access to belly clamp reports. There is also the ability to download associated reports through the information pop-up.

The WebGIS solution for Robin Rigg provides access to site data, geophysical data, geotechnical data, engineering data, Admiralty Charts and Ordnance Survey OpenData as background reference.

SeaRoc also provides cable management analysis services, at-risk cable layers for the WebGIS, 3D visualisation, cable catenary analysis and ad-hoc GIS support.

The WebGIS solution is also provided to the Robin Rigg Offshore Transmission Owner (OFTO) as a separate URL with limited access to the data layers as per client requirements.
User Manuals are provided as hard copies as well as available as a Help web page accessible through the WebGIS.



Services Provided

  • Asset risk management¬†
  • Analysis services
  • Ad-hoc GIS Services
  • Provision of SeaPlanner WebGIS
  • Provision of SeaPlanner Data Catalogue

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