Nordsee One


Date Awarded
November 2015

Date Delivered
December 2017

Project Details

Nordsee One was the first project to benefit from upgrades to the SeaPlanner software, including a new mapping platform featuring an enhanced Vessel guard zone alerting and analysis tool. This feature was developed to address the specific requirements of the Nordsee One site, which is in close proximity to a major shipping lane.

As well as providing the vessel tracking, SeaPlanner also be conducted a communications survey using the groundbreaking and cost effective SeaPlanner Satellite Personnel Tracking Hardware in the view to providing far shore personnel tracking capabilities from the start of the project at the beginning of 2016. This will help project track personnel offshore before any communications infrastructure is available.

SeaPlanner went live on the Nordsee One offshore wind farm development on 15th October 2015, within just weeks of contact sign off.

Services Provided

  • Vessel tracking
  • Enhanced guard zone alerts and analysis tool
  • Communications survey
  • Satellite personnel tracking hardware¬†

The location of the Nordsee One wind farm requires a reliable and intricate system to allow us to manage operations safely and efficiently. The capabilities of SeaPlanner, combined with the ability for us to work closely with the team to ensure our specific needs were met, made this the ideal solution.

Oliver Heinecke
Site and Vessel Coordinator, Nordsee One GmbH

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