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London Array Offshore Wind Farm

United Kingdom

Date Awarded
May 2010

Date Delivered
May 2014

Project Details

The London Array project used the SeaPlanner Asset Risk Manager module to manage all GIS data and provide the project team with web-based access to this vital project resource via a WebGIS.

The WebGIS is a browser based system which enables every GIS layer held in the database to be visualised and interrogated by project personnel and a wide variety of stakeholders. SeaRoc Group maintained the WebGIS for London Array ensuring that every user has the information they require at their finger tips and accessible 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. With 90+ active users the WebGIS enabled the London Array project team to access, and query, project critical spatial information without the need for expensive GIS software licences or any GIS training. The data is stored on a secured server and access was granted to approved personnel through the provision of a secure login.

The WebGIS held engineering and design data, survey data, construction data (including as-built and as-laid features) details of planned works as well as additional information and secondary data. It assisted not only the London Array project team but also third party contractors who benefited from web based access to up to date project data. The system allowed the users to view and interrogate the spatial data as well as the attributes behind them. Users were able to navigate easily through the data holdings and print out their own maps detailing those datasets they required.

Our team provided GIS management and support services to London Array, acting as the central point of contact to collect all the relevant spatial information from every party involved with the project and to ensure all spatial data and information was collated and distributed throughout the project team. 

The team built up a reputation for performing its duties efficiently and to the highest standard and became the vital backbone support of the construction project.

Services Provided

  • Asset Risk Management¬†
  • Provision of GIS Analyst onsite
  • Responsible for review and evaluation of the deployment construction strategy
  • Providing technical specifications for vessels
  • Carrying out vessel audits
  • Vessel selection and availability

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