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Kentish Flats Offshore Wind Farm

United Kingdom

Date Awarded
January 2011

Date Delivered

Project Details

Erected in 2005 with 30 Vestas 3MW turbines, the Kentish Flats Offshore Wind Farm was then the largest wind farm in the country. It is now owned by Vattenfall.

SeaPlanner’s involvement with Kentish Flats began as a vital tool for Vattenfall’s O&M centre at Ramsgate, shared with the Thanet Wind Farm. SeaRoc has been able to simplify the process of site AIS coverage by using 3rd party AIS providers to supplement visibility of areas out of range of the main AIS antennae at Ramsgate, such as Whitstable harbour.

SeaRoc has now won a contract to provide GIS services for the upcoming Kentish Flats Extension, including the SeaPlanner Asset Risk Manager module. This WebGIS is a browser-based system which enables every GIS layer held in the database to be visualised and interrogated by project personnel and a wide variety of stakeholders. 

Services Provided

  • Personnel tracking 
  • Vessel tracking 
  • Certification management 
  • Induction management 
  • Asset risk management 

"The Induction Module provides a user-friendly online tool that lets our contractors submit key personnel data and certificates for our approval. With the inductees registering their own details online, there was a significant reduction in our administration workload whilst allowing us full control over the process and results."

Darryl Hall
Marine Supervisor, Vattenfall

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