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Kentish Flats Extension

United Kingdom

Date Awarded
December 2014

Date Delivered
December 2015

Project Details

The SeaPlanner system provided the construction team with a complete management and tracking solution for project data and information. This included personnel and vessel tracking, certification management, document management and also the new online induction module.

Services Provided

  • Personnel tracking¬†
  • Vessel tracking¬†
  • Certification management
  • Induction management
  • Document management¬†

The SeaPlanner software will limit the amount of vessel downtime by ensuring personnel are ready to go the moment they arrive onsite. It was important to us that inductions could be carried out on a pc or mobile device making it accessible to all, especially when working within the offshore sector where desk based PC access is limited.

Toby Rayner
Marine Coordinator

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