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Gladstone - Dredging Project

Queensland, Australia

Date Awarded
November 2011

Date Delivered
November 2013

Project Details

The SeaPlanner system was used to track and record all personnel site access onshore and personnel transfers offshore.

The total value of the contracts awarded by the Gladstone Ports Corporation to the Joint Venture for the same Western Basin development exceeds AUD 925 million (EUR 695 million). The total scope of work for the contracts awarded to date to the JV Van Oord Australia Pty Ltd and Dredging International (Australia) Pty Ltd includes the dredging of various channels, swing basins and bypass channels for the access to various berth pockets, embarkation docks and material offloading facilities. The total dredging volume of the contracts will exceed 27 million m3 of dredged material.

  • 23,000 vessel movements in the port alone per month across 38 project vessels.
  • Tracking an average of over 25,000 personnel movements offshore per month
  • And a further 30,000 onshore movements per month


Services Provided

  • Personnel tracking (onshore and offshore)
  • Vessel tracking
  • Vehicle access control provided by onshore boom gates 
  • Fauna tracking 

Seaplanner Modules

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