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SeaHub Offshore Communications System provided by SeaRoc Group

With any offshore project there will be several logistical challenges, and potential problems with the complexities of day-to-day tasks and processes. Being able to actively and effectively manage all moving parts on an offshore project is vital not only for the success and productivity of the project itself, but also for the safety of all contractors working on an offshore project at any given time, and for the protection of all assets. Communication is key in any walk of life, but in challenging environments where seconds matter and little decisions can have a far-reaching effect, it is even more important. Reliable offshore communications systems, such as SeaHub, provide you with communications to meet these challenges head on and find solutions in any problematic situation.

Traditional Marine Radio Communication Options

There are different phases with every type of offshore project, and the offshore communication best practices will differ slightly for each. Depending on the size of the operation and the distance from the shore, there could also be variations on the type of offshore communications required. For a small wind farm, or older offshore projects, there is a reliance on VHF radios to provide communication between the shore and the vessel. This is also used as the system to communicate between vessels and contractors working on the turbines. The problem with VHF radio, and the reason it is generally confined to smaller and older projects, is that it is limited in range and functionality compared to more modern radio systems, as well as the troubles it has in penetrating wind turbines and any structure.

Cellular telephone coverage is a possibility for those near-shore sites that have a cellular mast constructed as part of a wider wind farm. Moving further away from the shore, it is common for the installation of DMR or TETRA radio, especially during the phase of a project where construction is taking place and a cellular mast is not yet built.

Providing Solutions for Effective Offshore Communications

SeaRoc decided that there was improvement to be made within the realms of offshore communications best practice, and we have developed the SeaHub range to provide a range of secure solutions that allow for effective marine satellite communications and tracking systems on a remote, offshore project. As stated above, there are different requirements for an offshore project depending on the phase it is currently in, the location and other daily factors. SeaHub is designed to meet the needs of our clients in a single, easy to use, durable package. It allows for effective, secure, and robust support for marine communications and tracking of assets, vessels, and contractors throughout the entire life of an offshore project, not just for a single phase, whether we are talking about use of radio for the construction phase alone, or tracking of assets during maintenance procedures.

The Benefits of SeaHub

As with all of our products and services, SeaHub has been thoroughly tested and developed to ensure that it is effective and reliable when deployed across multiple locations and within myriad challenging scenarios. In conjunction with SeaPlanner, SeaHubs provide autonomous, self-contained safety and control systems that reduce the requirement for regular site visits through a combination of sensors and automated alert systems. Instead of requiring different types of marine radio communications depending on the phase of the offshore project, SeaHub can be redeployed across multiple platforms – either interfacing with existing systems, or standalone. What this ensures is a cost-effective solution for all offshore projects, tailored to the project needs.

The SeaHub Solution

The SeaHub solutions on offer from SeaRoc are designed to offer secure and effective offshore communication solutions that enable any project to implement offshore communication best practices with a view to secure and effective project management. This is throughout all phases of an offshore project, from construction through maintenance and on-going management.

SeaHub Compact – This single portable unit provides vital communications and tracking solutions for vessel and helicopters working on offshore projects, housing a combination of up to three radio systems from either marine or aircraft VHF, DMR or TETRA.

SeaHub Midi – For offshore projects where space is a premium and a logistical challenge, this complete safety communications and tracking solution is perfect for both vessel and helicopter tracking and management.

SeaHub Elite – This complete communications and tracking solution for vessels and helicopters is perfect for full-life offshore project. It is packaged in an environmentally controlled walk-in solution and is beneficial where there are minimal available assets offshore.

SeaHub Custom – We understand that each project and offshore communications requirements are completely unique. With this in mind we offer complete tailored SeaHub solutions to meet specific client needs based around communications and location logistical challenges.

The range of offshore communications solutions that SeaHub provides supersedes the traditional methods of marine radio communications that would be used for single phases of a project. SeaHub provides full-life cycle support for offshore projects, with access to a single-point of asset tracking and communication across multiple locations and through multiple phases of an offshore project.

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