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Site Inductions for the Water Industry

Projects within the water sector can pose many risks. To ensure site safety, health and safety best practices require personnel to be inducted and for certifications and qualifications to be checked prior to them accessing or starting work on site. In reality, this is a very challenging process that often results in loss of working hours with contractors waiting to get onto site whilst the Site Manager tries to complete inductions and collect all personnel certificates when they arrive.

The Requirements for an Effective Site Induction

  • For all personnel to be qualified to enter the site in order to reduce the risk of injury or damage
  • For all personnel to be qualified for the work that they are contracted to do in order to reduce the risk of incidents
  • For sites to be able to evidence that all personnel entering the site are inducted and qualified to be there

Site Inductions – The Challenges and Risks

  • Unplanned or incomplete inductions result in loss of working hours for both the Site Managers and contractors
  • Inconsistency with face-to-face inductions caused by time pressures and differing work practices from site to site
  • Site Managers spend their time on repetitive tasks that reduce their capacity for proactive work

How does SitePlanner help overcome the challenges with inductions?

The SitePlanner software provides an online pre-enrollment solution that enables all personnel to be suitably inducted with their certificates checked prior to arrival on site.

SitePlanner Inductions are:
  • Efficient – personnel are enrolled prior to arriving on site, reducing time pressure on Site Managers and optimising contractor time on site
  • Consistent – every induction is guaranteed to meet company standards
  • Validated – Personnel undertake a secure, randomised test of knowledge to evidence their understanding of site requirements
  • Auditable – as a Software as a Service, SitePlanner is accessible from remote locations, enabling rapid auditing
For more information on the SitePlanner system or to book a demonstration, email us at