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We have launched a new, fully portable communications solution that allows technicians to communicate effectively and reliably from within a wind turbine.

Reliable communications with technicians working inside wind turbines is critical for safe operations. As radio signals are not able to be detected from within the confines of the turbine because of the metal structure this can create a challenge for offshore wind farm maintenance. SeaRoc’s new solution enables the radio signal to be broadcast within the turbine so technicians can communicate effectively with third parties.

Portable Communications Solution

Nick Murphy, Head of Operations at SeaRoc Group commented:

“This new product addresses a very specific and common problem during operations on offshore wind farms. Supplied in a light, compact unit that can be easily moved and set up, the system enables essential safety radio communications for technicians working inside a turbine. This solution increases both efficiency and safety as it means technicians don't have to go outside to talk to the rest of the network and they can now talk to other users from the inside of the turbine using their own handheld radio.”

This new solution is an extension to SeaRoc Group’s SeaHub range of communications solutions. The SeaHub range provides a full range of communications solutions to meet all offshore project requirements. Click here for more information on the SeaHub Communications Systems.