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Offshore Inductions with SeaPlanner

Without a doubt, offshore personnel induction is one of the most important parts of preparing your workforce for the challenges ahead. Without a strong induction programme, it’s nigh-impossible to get staff up-to-speed with regards to the demands of their role.

If you want to help your workforce improve how they work, then it pays to invest more time into overcoming these challenges. Even with the advent of high quality online induction programmes, you will still have some other challenges that will need to be taken care of.


The first and most obvious challenge that you face is the cost. It costs you a lot of money to take offline inductions, meaning that you need to either fly everyone out to the facility, or buy/rent an onshore facility to help take all of these inductions on.

This is a large investment and is likely to become a logistical and financial challenge for most businesses. One of the main challenges is making sure that costs can be kept down during the Induction process. Every penny invested into your staff should be directed towards health and safety, and this should play a pretty significant role in helping to change the businesses’ overall direction.

Listed below are some of the biggest challenges with the cost you may come across with offshore personnel induction

  • The cost implications of wasted time needed to allow for inductions to be help at the site, including:- dormant vessels and the reduction of productive working hours.
  • Having to hire out a venue for the inductions of the workforce.
  • Time wasted having to carry out all the necessary admin tasks involved, ie- data input and obtaining certificates.


The other issue that you may come across, is making sure that all staff have adequately completed the course. The vast majority of staff will have completed induction prior to going to work on the offshore site. The inductions are job-specific, meaning you’ll only be learning about the topic which is relevant to you. This will also result in less wasted time being trained on something with is of no relevance to you.

Since online training allows the staff to get their induction carried out prior to taking part in any jobs, the online platform tends to allow better checking and control over who has- and has not completed their course. With the use of Induction Manager, you will significantly reduce the time needed onsite for induction training therefore reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Risk Management

The other challenge comes from creating an induction programme that makes it possible for all members of the ream to get a full induction, whilst ensuring they learn the on-site risks. With online induction, you get to deal with this challenge. Since they will then arrive on-site with a full knowledge of what to expect, you can more readily prepare your workforce for the challenges ahead and ensure they arrive ready to carry out their work.

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