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SeaPlanner provides an interactive map application to allow users to view at a glance, live operational site activity.


Live Location Feeds
  • Personnel (RFID/GPS), vessel (AIS, air traffic (ADS-B) and assets
  • Replay all historical data - personnel, vessels, aircraft, GPS, guard zones, status changes, alerts
  • Complete audit of all activities
  • Create guard zones/moving guard zones
  • Anchor watch
  • Closest Point of Approach/Time to Closest Point of Approach
  • Audible awareness of activities
  • Measuring tool for areas and routes
  • Instant visualisation of distances
  • Coordinate display – degrees, lat/long, UTM, X/Y
  • Quick search for personnel, vessels, assets and ports
Data Layers
  • Add your own CAD/GIS layers
  • Update asset statuses to instantly view project progress
  • Import own Web Mapping Service (WMS) and WFS (OCG Standards)
  • Customisable base mapping including marine themes, Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC), satellite imagery, open sea map/open street map
  • Incident layer
  • Annotations layer

Guard Zones

No-go zones can be added to the map display for safety and controls measures across the site. An alarm will be sounded if a vessel approaches the area – the distance criteria for this alarm can be set by the user. 

Asset Status & Restrictions

Set assets to display their status (under construction, undergoing repairs, commissioned etc) for quick visualisation of project progress. Any issues regarding an asset that may restrict access or cause a safety risk can also be highlighted. 

Personnel Locations

Instantly identify the personnel located on specific assets and vessels across the site. Click on a particular location and see at a glance all the personnel at that location. 

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