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Allows contractors to be appropriately inducted, tested and provide their certificates online, all in advance of arrival on site.

A fully customisable system, this feature allows you to set up your induction procedure online including:


  • Uploading multimedia content
  • Setting questions and answers to test understanding
  • Sending personalised login invitations
  • Requesting personal details, next of kin information and upload of training certificates
  • Creating specific job role profiles

Induction Process


Core Functions


Set Work Categories Tailor your induction to specific job roles, ensuring inductees only see the material relevant to them
Personalised login invitations Secure delivery of induction invites
Personal profiles Inductees upload all personal information themselves, saving significant admin time
Certificate upload Inductees upload the required certification including expiry dates to allow for simple, proactive
management by the administrator
Testing Inductees are required to answer series of customised questions to test understanding
Notifications  Administrator can easily monitor progress with notifications on completed and outstanding inductions
Approval On review of information provided by inductee, including certificates, the administrator can simply approve or reject the induction with the click of a button
Personnel database All data uploaded by the inductee is stored in the SeaPlanner system, eliminating the need for further data input by the administrator

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