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Rail Systems


In March 2016, SeaRoc Group was selected by Siemens Mobility to provide
an online induction system for personnel working on its UK rail system.

Key Client Requirements

Siemens Mobility required an automated Induction System to eliminate the need for a classroom style training session as this method had proven logistically challenging, time-consuming and expensive.

The company also wanted to modernise their processes and implement better forms of data protection.

What SeaRoc Group Provided

SeaRoc Group provided full set up of the SitePlanner Induction and Personnel Manager software, enabling Siemens Mobility to start tracking the people that had been inducted and when. The induction system enabled Siemens Mobility to:

  • Get all personnel inducted quickly and efficiently prior to arrival on site

  • Gather all relevant certificates and track expiry
  • Maintain secure records of all personnel 

  • Effectively test personnel on their understanding of safety requirements of their role

Key Benefits for Siemens Mobility

  • Save significant amount of admin time
  • Replace numerous spreadsheets for a secure, auditable process
  • Implement a company standard