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MWH Trent Water Region


MWH Treatment became a client of SeaRoc Group in June 2017, when they selected our SitePlanner Contractor Management System to provide online inductions for their sewage treatment works and clean water sites.

MWH Treatment are a design and build company operating throughout the UK and part of Severn Trent Water’s supply chain.

At present there are approximately 700 people in the region with a subcontractor base of another 1000 people. MWH have a variety of works ongoing with about 30 sites of various durations from 1 month to 3 years.

With such a high number of personnel and contractors to coordinate across various locations, MWH were looking for an effective and efficient way to deliver inductions and manage certification, including CITB card verification.

Client’s Key Challenges

Classroom-style inductions were time consuming, costly and logistically difficult to coordinate across MWH’s multiple sites.

Delivering quality inductions was made particularly challenging as not all of MWH’s sites had a dedicated person to undertake the training, taking site managers away from their other duties.

What SeaRoc Group Provided

  • A cost-effective method for delivering inductions across multiple sites

  • An online induction process with the ability to monitor and control personnel and contractor certificates
  • Ability to customise the process providing an induction that specifically suits MWH’s requirements

  • Direct link to CITB for verification of credentials

“We’ve had a great working relationship with SeaRoc Group and this has allowed us to create an induction process which suits our requirements. The system has been easy to set up and we have continued support throughout the process whenever it’s needed.”

Ian Mawdsley | Site Office Manager at MWH Treatment